LYRICS: Lights


I see your empty house
Uninviting, echoes so loud
Mechanics have replaced your heart

If you use your mind
If you close your heart

At least you’ll be safe
Lights lost, but breathing
You’d be dead inside but
Maybe that’s how you survive

So we’ll carry on
Eyes closed, you’re sleeping
Pieces of your dreams will hold you
You know you’ll survive, won’t you?

Awaken to the lights that shine
All around you, I see you smile
The gears are turning in your heart

Take my hand into all the colours
Your soul, your art

And now you are safe
Lights on, you’re breathing
Do you feel your heart beat in you
You’ve learnt to be alive
So we’ll carry on
We will keep on dreaming
They will push us into the light
And we will survive

There is heart in me
There is life in me
There is strength in me
There is love in me

There is heart in you
There is life in you
There is strength in you
There is love in you

There is heart in us
There is life in us
There is strength in us
There is love in us

We set us free
We set us free
We set us free
We set us free


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