LYRICS: Sea of Red

A drop of your soul taints
The pictures of your grace
The sea of red will wash away the peace you crave
You’ve started something you
Can’t ever hope to end
My sea of red will suffocate
In every way

I see you, standing on the edge
Standing on the edge of denial
I see you, waiting for the flood
Waiting for the flood to wash away escape

Still so blind, here you lie
And you can’t see
Why your walls, why your walls
Are closing in
Take a step, have you felt
Yourself sink inside

The sea of red  

Pictures, memories
Fossils in your mouth
The storm rains down, the sea of red
Clench your fist so tight
Hold that rage behind
The smile that digs inside of your face
Sinking down so deep inside
The sea of red

I feel you reaching out to me
Your cuts they do not bleed
Your cuts they sing
I see the words they say to me
But they bleed into the sea
Oh the pain they bring

The water’s cold, you’ve grown old-
-er and you know
What it is we can do
When you are gone
Take a while, to decide what to say
But remember that you lay

Inside the sea of red

Searing crimson lies
You tell yourself but I
Am here so what
Are you gonna choose?
Freedom lies behind
The past you’ve left inside
The ocean that has taken you
You’ve been lost
I’ve found you

A drop of my soul taints
The life you can’t regain

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