LYRICS: The Wolf

Live. Hunt. Die.
Live. Hunt. Die.
Live. Hunt. Die.
Live. Hunt. Fight.

The Wolf:

Don’t you dare believe in all the fairy tales
Kings and queens cower and bow down below me
I am the hunter, you are the prey
I am the dark crushing the light of your day
I have your fate sealed within the palm of my hands
Your path burns within the ocean you stand
I am the answer to the questions you ask
I am the doctrine you will follow at last

Run and hide, you won’t light the darkness
Black and white, red inside, your mind is
Battered to the point where you can’t return
So embrace me, you still have much to learn

I will hunt you down

I’ll sink my teeth inside
The life you try to hide
I’ll rip your soul out til you bleed
You can try to fight
You know the things that I
Can do and no one can save you from me

Run. Hide. Breathe.
Run. Hide. Breathe.
Run. Hide. Breathe.
Run. Fall.

The Prey:

I can’t give in to the pressure, I won’t resign to all of this
Madness you’ve created. I have to find another way
The water bites into my skin, the red pulls me inside the abyss
You throw me against the walls, and
You keep hunting me, chasing me, hurting me, killing the
Innocence that I am
I keep running and falling and hating the beast that I was
Forced to have become

The water takes a hold of me
And I sink inside the pain
I have so much to lose
But so much more to gain

Push me through the cave
The life I try to save
Is slipping through the song I bleed
Forced to stand and fight
You through the darkness
Til the day my words can break me free

The Wolf:

Don’t you believe you can run away from me
I wear your soul like the prey you’ve made me see
I am your downfall, your hope will speak no truth
You are so alone, I see everything you do
Take a spot with me in the darkness
Take a chance, feel how the power is
Consuming and I’m devouring
Hunting through all surroundings
What do you tell yourself?
What lie can be of help?
You have no escape and
You have no one to call your own

I’ll sink my teeth inside
The life you try to find
I’ll rip your soul out and you’ll bleed
You can try to fight me
But you know that you can’t be
The hunter you were raised to be

I will hunt you down
I am the wolf

(Monologue: Winter)

The door is open, but the light is dying on its way
Tunnel vision induces paranoia
There must be something you can use to save yourself
Time is broken, the hand of fate reaches out to help

The Prey:

You’ve knocked me down
Embracing all of the despair
Do I have anything left in me?
I know that I cannot prepare

Run at me with all you have, the wound I can’t ignore
Is infecting me from the other side, can I win anymore?
The blood rains upon my world
Torrents drifting me to the end
Of the journey, I’ve fallen
And the walls have shut me in


Cover me in your pain
The life I tried to save
Is now bleeding lifeless from the wounds we made
Sit here, wait and watch
The darkness overcome
The light you thought was your saving grace

Sinking down so deep inside
I have you trapped


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